NTP 80

Tray & case packing for up to 80 tubes/min

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Tray & Sleeve Packing
  • INDUSTRY: Food, Personal Care, Pharma & Healthcare
  • SEGMENT: Other Food, Cosmetics, Liquid Soaps, Toothpaste, Skin & Sun Care, OTC


The flexibility of NTP80 sets this machine apart. This tray and box packing machine will fit perfectly together with tube fillers in the 40 to 80 tubes/min segment. Set up your line with Norden NM602 or NM702, but also with tube fillers from other brands.Fast and easy changeovers – with few format parts. Run production for placing tubes in tray or shipping boxes.

Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)1740
Machine height (mm)1965
Machine length (mm)3585
Machine weight (kg)980
Operating modeIntermittent
Product changeover5 minutes
Size changeover5 minutes
More Information
Other infoAll the Norden experience in tray packing has been condensed into a new smaller tray and case packer, the NTP 80, which handles up to 80 tubes per minute. This machine is offers a very compact design, but still has many of the same features that can be found in the highspeed machines. NTP 80 is designed for lowering the threshold to automation. You will not need a robotic engineer to maintain the NTP 80 tray packing system, which will significantly lower the threshold to automate production. Set up your line with Norden NM602 or NM702, but also with tube fillers from other brands. NTP 80 requires only a cap first discharge and support of a simple signal exchange from the tube filler.
Regulatory requirements
Other RegulationsGMP / GAMP5
Packaging range
Max pack height (mm)280
Min pack height (mm)10
Max pack length (mm)360
Min pack length (mm)100
Max pack width (mm)250
Min pack width (mm)100
Packaging features
Packaging closingLidding
Packaging materialCardboard
Packaging TypePlastic in cardboard
Product features
Product orientationStanding
Value proposition
Value propositionFlexibility