Norden Machinery world leading tube filling system

We made the first tube filling machine in 1934

Today Norden is providing customized tube filling systems for tube filling, cartoning, tray packing and depalletizing.

About us

Norden is the world’s leading supplier of high-performance tube filling systems because we focus exclusively on this area.

Norden has built the capabilities to assist their customers in any kind of tube filling application, providing dedicated systems and constant innovation.   

Facts & Figures

  • 290 employed in Kalmar
  • 60 employed in the external sales network
  • First tube filling machine delivered 1934
  • 8000 machines supplied in total
  • 5000 machines in operation at our customers sites
  • 130 / 150 machines delivered every year
  • Worldwide operation, 97% of all machines are exported 
  • More than 1400 active customers in 60 countries
  • 20 / 30 new customers every year