Norden Customer Service and Technical Service

Norden Customer Service and Technical Service

Norden has launched a webshop. In the online catalogue you can search for high quality, original spare parts. Discover an easier, faster and more efficient way to manage your spare parts ordering! You Customer Service representative will show you how to.


Getting your dedicated tube filling system up and running is only the beginning of our commitment to you. To maintain peak performance it is crucial to use only original Norden spare parts. This is your guarantee for optimal functionality of the Norden equipment.

Norden understands how important timely service is, so service visits can be planned to suit your production schedules. During a visit our skilled technicians inspect equipment, maintain the highest possible performance of your machines, and propose ways of increasing production efficiency. For emergency machine break down or service topics please send an email to or call + 46 480 447600. 

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Tel. +46 480 447 700