Our vision is clear; To sustainably continue to deliver premium products globally, at all speeds and segments. Our strategic work points out the direction to continue developing and maintaining our market-leading position. That includes achieving a carbon neutral manufacturing plant, extensive portfolio of remote and digital services and machines with high availability and long lifecycle.


Sustainability is a fundamental principle and we have a strong commitment to contribute to sustainable development with regards to financial, environmental and social aspects. Our Code of Ethics forms the basis for the group's sustainability work. Through established and effective methods and processes, together with a common understanding of roles and responsibilities, we achieve our goals and continuously improve our organization and management system.



Everyone working at Norden Machinery and in our workplaces has a responsibility to follow our common principles and integrate quality into everything we do.

Our policy, management system and organization are based on:

  • Customer focus
  • Our values; Knowledge, Passion, Respect and Responsibility
  • Lean six sigma approach in all processes, as a never-ending change and improvement cycle to ensure continuous improvements.
  • A "correct from me" mindset and risk-based thinking
  • Our key performance indicators

We commit to

  • Conduct our business so that the impact on people, environment and society is minimized
  • Fulfill applicable legal requirements and other stakeholders' environmental requirements
  • Strive to increase resource efficiency both in our own operations and through the company's products and service
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of the company's products in various phases of their life cycle, since our products during their lifetime account for one of our main impact on the environment
  • Continuously monitor and review our targets with the aim of decreasing our environmental and climate impact.
forest with swedish fir trees