Shelo NABEL partnering with Norden Machinery in Mexico

“This machine does in four hours what practically took weeks”

Beauty with natural extracts taking Mexican Sheló NABEL to the next levelShelo Nabel cosmetics with Natural ingredients

Sheló NABEL is the story of a Mexican family-run business. It was named after the founder’s mother Chleo, who was a true entrepreneur. NABEL comes from the words for nature and beauty, and their natural ingredient products such as the popular Baba de Caracol-line have caught huge interest via sales representatives via independent sales representatives.  

Sheló NABEL has a presence in 40 cities across Mexico - from Tuxtla Gutiérrez close to Guatemala up to Tijuana on the US border. After conquering the Mexican and US markets, the goal is now to find new markets in Europe and South America.  Spain, Germany, and Colombia are next up.

Investments in filling technology together with Norden

Sheló NABEL has a manufacturing volume of approximately 30 million products per year. The portfolio of products is marketed and sold by 300 direct collaborators and more than 500,000 distributors throughout Mexico and United States.
According to Sergio Hernández, General Director of the company, in order to meet the growing requirements of its customers while maintaining the product consistency and high-quality standards that all its products have, Sheló NABEL found in Norden an ideal solution to respond to their requirements. 
“We were looking for someone who could help us meet the demand, and we looked for the best in the world. That's where the contact was born and that's how we acquired one of the Norden machines” Hernández explains.

Norden Machinery originates from Sweden and built the first tube filling machine some 85 years ago. Many of the innovations that turned into market references were developed by Norden. The Hot Air-sealing and the three-color filling techniques are two examples of these Norden-labeled innovations. Norden was acquired by Coesia in 2008 – same year Sheló NABEL was established in Guadalajara, Jalisco. 

COESIA is a company group that provides innovative solutions for industrial packaging processes. It has more than 80 production plants in the world and presence in over 35 countries. The director of Sheló NABELexplained that Yair Hernández - his son and member of the company's Board of Directors - contacted Norden. 

“This machine does in four hours what practically took weeks”

The tube filling machine was selected by the Sheló NABEL Board of Directors after a careful detailed analysis of its operation carried out in conjunction with Norden, resulting in a system that has exceeded expectations in terms of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)  of the process. 
Hernández mentioned that Norden accompanied them throughout the process, from the advice to determine which was the most appropriate machine to meet the requirements, to the start-up of production, training and, currently, continuous technical services. 
“This machine made our work easier and helped us to make the processes faster, because it does everything in one; Approximately, it manufactures 60 finished products per minute” he says. 
Silvia Cázares said that this machine does in four hours what practically took weeks:

“We are very happy because it meets a very strong need at our company. This brings a lot of peace to us, especially that peace of knowing that we are complying in product requirements. I love that in the same process it does many things for us, that generates that there is also more structure in all aspects for our organization. In the packaging for shipments the products already coded and everything that entails the traceability of the products” she said. 

We want to be a Mexican pride – and give people greater opportunities

Sheló NABEL is shooting for success in the long-term: “We have a wide variety of products, some of them we manufacture in our plant located in Guadalajara Technology Park, where we also have a laboratory; This site serves as a distribution center for the entire Mexican Republic” said Silvia Cázares, Director of Marketing Networks. She announces that building a new 35,000 m2 plant in Guadalajara is in the pipeline.  
“We are already working on it with a team of experts; the plant will have all the quality standards and the supply that is required, we want to be a Mexican pride and give people greater opportunities” he said. 

According to Sergio Hernández, general director of Sheló NABEL, the project of this new manufacturing center is derived from a plan they made for the next five, 10 and 20 years. 
"Hence the need to have this plant arose because we are projecting that in five years' time we will produce 10 times more than we currently manufacture". 
He mentioned that the idea is to continue working with Norden to accompany them in this process of expansion. 

Finally, he thanked the advice and support of Norden and said that the important thing is to team up to improve the quality of life of its collaborators and of all the people who rely on this project to transform lives.

Contact Norden in Mexico

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