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Lion Japan’s history as one of the largest personal care companies in Asia stretches back 120 years. Headquartered in Japan, they have regional offices and manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea. The company’s brands are widely distributed across Southeast and Eastern Asia. 

Company sales come mainly from oral care products: toothpaste and toothbrushes (16%), personal care products (11%), household cleaning products (46%), pharmaceutical products (16%), and lastly chemical products (11%). The business philosophy of Japan’s LION is striving to become the market’s preferred brand while providing high quality lifestyle products that lead to a more pleasurable life for the consumer. 

Image Norden Service Engineer
"Norden engineers have always quickly provided support in order to resolve any issues with the machines, ensuring continuous production" says Lion Thailand´s Process Engineer Supervisor.

Knowledge & consultancy help product development
It was thirty years ago that Norden proudly became LION Thailand’s business partner in supplying tube filling machine catering to the Southeast Asia market. Norden supplied its first tube filling machine to LION Thailand in 1989, and has sold around 10 tube filling and cartoning machines to them since then. 
Process engineer supervisor Ms. Pranee Pankrit has provided valuable feedback about the high performance of Norden machines. She says Norden engineers have always quickly provided support in order to resolve any issues with the machines, ensuring continuous production and avoiding extended downtime. Additionally, Norden has rich product knowledge and is able to provide technical consultancy on the final product, which is very helpful in the product development process. 

Local support is the key to success
Ms. Pranee gives credit to Norden’s sales engineers, whom are two technical engineers located in Thailand since years.  The customer service team in Sweden also gets credit for providing continuous support throughout the years. 
Ms. Pranee says that she would recommend Norden tube filling machines due to the outstanding after sales service, machine quality, and high-performance reliability.

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