Norden machinery tube filling systems


Filling machines for industrial products

Norden has expertise in tube filling for the industrial sector. Get more out of your industrial production by turning to Norden when you have a project for filling industrial products such as glue, sealants and lubricants. 

Norden Machinery World leading tube filling systems

Filling machines for glue, sealants and lubricants

The industrial sector demands solutions for difficult product handling. Sticky glue and thick paste are specialties where extensive Norden know-how comes handy. The high viscous products require concept trials and adaptations. Norden R&D Tech center perform proof-of-concept trials on customer products before moving to full-scale tube filling.

Norden customer ITW Polymex is active in the automotive industry

Award winning TF silicone sealant filled in a Norden

ITW Polymex achieved the 2019 National Automotive Quality Award for maintaining high standards in the manufacture of its TF silicone sealant and TF all-dielectric lubricant. One of their main allies to achieve this goal was Norden Machinery, part of COESIA, who provided a tube filling machine that not only allowed them to maintain their quality standards, but also gave them greater productivity to meet the growing customer demand. ITW Polymex's clients are active in the automotive industry (spare parts), hardware, industrial, self-service, footwear and stationery sectors – all industries that require high levels of specialization and quality. “Previously, we had problems with our filling systems. With the new NM-702 filling machine for metal tubes we were able to significantly improve quality issues. Unlike other silicone filling equipment, we now have fewer stops for maintenance adjustments, the number of overall stops has been steeply reduced – at least by 80% - resulting in greater efficiency” says says Operations Manager Rogelio Guerra. 

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