Tubes for industrial applications used in automotive industry

Mexico: “With Norden we were able to significantly improve quality issues that we had in the company”


ITW Polymex achieved the 2019 National Automotive Quality Award for maintaining high standards in the manufacture of its TF silicone sealant and TF all-dielectric lubricant. One of their main allies to achieve this goal was Norden Machinery, part of COESIA, who provided a tube filling machine that not only allowed them to maintain their quality standards, but also gave them greater productivity to meet the growing customer demand.

Norden Machinery tube filling applications and ITW Polymex
Image 1: ITW won the 2019 National Automotive Quality Award for maintaining high standards in the manufacture of its TF silicone sealant and TF all-dielectric lubricant silicone sealant. 

Image 2: Nahum Nava, Head of Manufacturing Engineering, ITW Polymex.

Image 3: The Service engineer get credit for providing excellent Service for the Norden machine.

Image 4: ITW Polymex is offering products and solutions for the automotive industry, hardware, industrial goods, self-service, footwear and stationery sectors.

“We identified a need within our production lines, mainly silicone, in which we realized that we needed to improve our productivity and raise the OEE here in the plant. That is why we decided to invest in a new machine, after some internal processes”, says Nahum Nava, in charge of the ITW Polymex Manufacturing Engineering area.

“With this investment, ITW increased the installed production capacity of the silicones and lubricants by 50%”, says Operations Manager Rogelio Guerra.  
The manager also shares that, thanks to the Norden machine, it was possible to solve problems on the production line and in maintenance, thereby to achieve better profitability.

“Previously, we had problems with our filling systems. With the new NM-702 filling machine for metal tubes we were able to significantly improve quality issues. Unlike other silicone filling equipment, we now have fewer stops for maintenance adjustments, the number of overall stops has been steeply reduced – at least by 80% - resulting in greater efficiency” he claims.

It is not the first time that ITW has trusted Norden Machinery, a previous experience led them to decide on another solution from Coesia. 

“The approach was again made to acquire a new machine, and the truth is that all the attention, sale, after sales has been good. The technical service has been very good. The warranty supported us for initial problems, and we are very satisfied with the good service,” says the manager of the Manufacturing Engineering area.


ITW Polymex's clients are active in the automotive industry (spare parts), hardware, industrial, self-service, footwear and stationery sectors – all industries that require high levels of specialization and quality.

To meet its needs, the company encompasses 40 market segments, divided into eight blocks: packaging solutions, test and measurement equipment, parts for the automotive industry of OEM, polymers and fluids, food equipment, specialized construction equipment and welding products.

The Queretaro plant focuses on the polymer and fluid segment. It is from this headquarters that ITW Polymex serves all its clients in Mexico, where 98% of them are located, the rest are located in other Latin American cities, to where ITW ships its products.
"We basically have two ways of working: 50% of our products are manufactured here at Polymex, while the other 50% is imported," explains Rogelio Guerra.
ITW Polymex is part of Illinois Tools Works, a company with a history of more than 107 years. Illinois Tools Works has grouped more than 800 companies, with a presence in 58 countries and around 60,000 employees worldwide.

The family of brands grouped together includes: Química TF, Devcon, Marvil, Permatex, Rocol, Wynn’s, Ice Freeze, Flexo, Top, LPS and Plexus.
"At the end of the day, the objective of ITW is to satisfy the needs of our clients by offering innovative solutions, with added value, becoming a highly reliable supplier, thus reinforcing the relationship with our business partners". For this reason, allies such as Norden Machinery, with an experience of over 85 years in the development of machinery, become a fundamental factor, Nahum Nava concludes.

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