Filling machines for cosmetic tubes


Filling machines for cosmetic products

Norden is offering the leading technology and highly efficient tube filling machines for cosmetics products. A key feature for the cosmetics companies is having the capacity to run multiple products, and to have a fast change between batches. Norden filling and cartoning machines are designed in a way that allows machine upgrades as the production needs changes. This is of outmost importance for many of the cosmetics producing customers that Norden serves.

The art of eye-catching tubes

Good design protects products; great design protects – and sells – brands. As a crucial part of a marketing strategy, exploring the many design options for tubes is a means to make products easier to sell and use while dramatically reducing the risk of being copied. On today’s crowded, boisterous retail shelves, a strong design concept is a must to stand out, express quality and persuade shoppers to grab a particular product and take it to the checkout counter – and come back for more. Use Norden technology to make yout tube stand out from the competition.

The tube-in-tube

Norden machines package all sizes of tubes, from lipgloss to shampoo. Norden machines for cosmetic filling are characterized by versatility and speed. In the video you wioll see an applications called the tube in tube.

How to get more out of tubes: proper size parts and correct sealing

Helping you get the most from your tube filling machine is important to Norden Machinery. We want to ensure that everything is running optimally and that you are at the peak of your game. When it comes to running tubes in a Norden Machine using Hot Air sealing, there are three things to keep in mind in order to have a strong, reliable, and attractive seal on your tubes.

  1. Check the ingoing packaging materials
  2. For good results: Always use the correct size parts
  3. Having sealing problems? Check the filling station first

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How to get more out of tubes, example Norden Design a seal tube