Cosmetic tube filling lines from Norden Machinery

Cosmetic applications

Cosmetics filling

Norden is known to be the innovative world leader in cosmetic tube filling lines. We are driven by offering innovation and value to our customers. When you buy a machine from Norden you can rest assured that it can be adapted to your current and future needs.

We know that details matters, and have practiced a focused approach since we made the first cosmetics filling lines some 80 years ago. Wherever you are in the world, you are welcome to tap into the network of highly skilled professionals; engineers, technical service personnel and customer service that are 100% dedicated to serve your cosmetic business. 


Design a Seal, registered trademark

Why Norden?

EFFICIENY FROM 25 tubes/min-1000 tubes/min

Our cosmetics filling lines incorporate features that satisfy two important demands of this sector, versatile application and rapid changeovers. The flexible design of our machines enable versatile application entails and, by having a great variety of optional equipment, allows us to meet the specific needs of almost all cosmetics companies worldwide.

Design a Seal, registered trademark for Norden Machinery tbe filling machines

Why Norden?


What would you first notice about a cosmetic tube product? The color, the shape or the materials? Swirl filling, Design-A-Seal® and Tube-in-Tube are some ways to diversify your brand in order to be recognized.