How to get more out of tubes

How to get more out of tubes: proper size parts and correct sealing

Three things to consider for a strong tube sealingVarious kinds of tube sealing

Helping you get the most from your tube filling machine is important to Norden Machinery. We want to ensure that everything is running optimally and that you are at the peak of your game. When it comes to running tubes in a Norden Machine using Hot Air sealing, there are three things to keep in mind in order to have a strong, reliable, and attractive seal on your tubes. Watch the video on YouTube

1. Check the ingoing packaging materials

Ensure proper storage of tube boxes. You need to keep a lid on your box of tubes in order to prevent dirt from getting inside, the box needs to be stable and the tubes should be packed according to acceptable tolerances, and the tubes themselves also need to follow particular tolerances regarding diameter and ovality. When it comes to packaging material, Norden Machinery can advise you in regard to the acceptable tube tolerances.


2. For good results: Always use the correct size parts

Only use parts adapted to the size in use. The function of the tube holder is to hold the tube firmly in place and give it the support it needs, and the parts in the machine should be adapted for the tube format. If the tube holder is too wide, the tube will be unstable and will not stand straight in the tube holder, which will lead to a cut off that is not straight. If, on the other hand, the tube holder is too narrow, the tube will be squeezed and tension created, making it difficult to seal. If the tube is firmly and nicely stable in the tube holder, you’re good to go.  Additionally, the nozzle and cooling ring should clean and free from burned product and plastic. Always use the correct sized tube holder, and ensure that the Hot Air nozzle and cooling ring are clean and adapted for the tube format. Even one millimeter can have a huge impact.  


3. Sealing problems? Check the filling station

If the sealing quality is bad, you need to check the filling station. There are three main problem areas at the filling station that can impact the quality of the seal. First, a worn out or otherwise damaged filling nozzle can lead to leakage. Second, using the wrong settings for the filling station, and third, using the wrong type of filling nozzle for the product being filled.  Bad filling will show in the form of strings or splashes of product inside the tube, which will contaminate the sealing area, making it impossible to seal the tube. 

So, in order to ensure you get the quality seal you want when using Norden Machinery Hot Air sealing:

a.) Make sure the filling nozzle is in good condition
b.) Operate with the correct settings at product filling
c.) Use the correct type of filling nozzle for the product being filled. 

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