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São Paulo, Brazil: Upgrading tube filling equipment on tight deadlines

Norden Case Brasil Farmaceutica & Daichii Sankyo
Image: Brasil Farmacêutica, São Paolo, owned by Daichii Sankyo turned to Norden for tube filling machine investment after evaluation of the technology.
Hirudoid is used to treat hematoma
Image: Hirudoid is a popular product on the Latin American market. The ointment is used to treat thrombophlebitis, offering relief for superficial bruising and haematoma on the skin.

Brasil Farmacêutica is a market leader in Latin America, supplying pharmaceutical products aimed at a number of different specialties, including cardiology, psychiatry, orthopedics, gas-troenterology, and inflammation and pain. When the time came to replace the outdated tube filling and packaging line used to produce Hirudoid, Brasil Farmacêutica turned to the industry experts for a replacement. 

Brasil Farmacêutica had a very limited time frame in which to halt operations on the old machine and get the new Norden line operational, so they decided to do it during the annual Carnival celebrations, at the end of February 2020. 
    “We had a small window of ten calendar days – or seven business days – to remove the old machine and install the new one,” explains Guilherme Souza, Industrial Project Manager at Brasil Farmacêutica.. “Having the Swedish technician on hand, along with the Brazilian tech support ensured we didn’t have any speed bumps and were able to stick to our plan.”
    Ensuring a smooth installation was one challenge. Making sure staff were able to run the new machine was another, so along with contracting a Swedish technician to oversee installation, Brasil Farmacêutica also purchased training, something that was very important because the company’s operators had been used to running a much older machine and were moving to a very modern that is high tech and computerized. 

Best selling ointment in plastic or aluminum tubes

Brasil Farmcêutica produces three million units of Hirudoid annually – there are six different sizes of tubes, from very small sample sizes to a variety of other sizes according to the country they are exporting to. The old line used to fill Hirudoid tubes was designed only for aluminum, but one of the big advantages of the flexibility of the new Norden machine, which will allow the company to switch between plastic and aluminum. 
    “It’s great to have this flexibility and it was another factor in us choosing the Norden machine. We definitely took this into consideration, as well as the speed the setup offers.


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