image of operator and machine

TZMO adhering to zero-waste policy while investing in new production capacity

Pollena Ewa Poland producing tubesTZMO found opportunities to expand its global clientele – and when investing in new production capacity, the company took its zero-waste policy into consideration. With the project now finalized, the result is one completely refurbished line, and one new NM 702 from Norden Machinery. “That Norden was able to refurbish the existing machine allows us to extend its life and therefore not contribute to more waste,” explains Katarzyna Moskal, Senior Marketing Specialist, Pollena Ewa/TZMO.

With the help of Norden Machinery and its specialist teams, TZMO found the solution and balance they needed. One refurbished tube filling machine, one new NM 702, means the company is able to meet customer requirements while also adhering to its strong commitment to zero waste.

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