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State-of-the-art machines from Kalmar filling 1000 tubes of toothpaste per minute

Smålands Näringsliv, December 2018

Thomas Johansson, Linda Magnusson
Thomas Johansson, CEO of Norden Machinery and Linda Magnusson, Customer Service Manager

Innovation and technical development is essential to Kalmar-based Norden Machinery, owned by the Italian corporate group Coesia.

- It is fantastic for us to be a part of this group. The exchange of experience and knowledge is awarding and inspiring for us at Norden in Kalmar, says Linda Magnusson, Customer Service Manager. 
- Currently we are working on the project CS 2.0. It is an initiative from the owners in Bologna meant to help Norden's strategy of developing a proactive ways of working. It is about reaching, understanding and fulfilling the needs of the customers, says Linda Magnusson.

During 2018 the CS Department has recruited ten employees devoted to Technical Service and Customer Service.
The global tube consumption is growing with 4% annually and Norden Machinery is growing with 6% in turnaround 2018.

The tube filling and Cartoning programs in Kalmar are developing into more advanced tube filling and cartoning solutions. The basic principle of tube filling is that a tube is filled and sealed, followed by packing into cartons. Then over to the next step of the value chain.
- The machines are tailored after type of tube and product, which is existing in a huge variety, says Thomas Johansson, CEO of Norden.

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Photo: Edgar Weibull

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