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Sustainable Packaging, by Norden

The EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) is a centerpiece of EU policy, aimed at ensuring a sustainable future for packaging. This directive not only defines mandatory targets for recovering and recycling packaging waste, but also includes measures to reduce over-packaging and improve packaging designs to make them simpler to reuse and recycle. 
Combined with other legislation, its goal is to foster the transition to a circular economy, and help Europe move toward a sustainable packaging supply chain.
With that in mind, Norden would like to offer a few tips on making your own tube filling production more sustainable. Here are a few examples:

  • Use mono-materials. Tubes composed of a single type of material are easier to recycle.  
  • Use tubes made of recycled material. Paper and recycled plastics, including bioplastics such as PE, reduce the quantity of raw materials consumed in production.

    In Norden’s tube lab, we test sustainable tubes, free of charge, to determine if their pressure resistance and durability are adequate for our machines.
  • Use tubes with thinner walls, which reduce the need for raw materials. 
  • Reduce the amount of packaging around your tubes by placing them in cases or trays, rather than individual cartons.  
  • Produce on-demand, which eliminates the risk of having unsellable stock. On-demand production is easiest with flexible filling machines that can handle tubes of different sizes, that can be packaged in individual cartons, trays, or boxes.

Norden offers a range of flexible production lines to handle sustainable materials. Whatever your need, we’re happy to help you find the setup that suits you best. 
Let’s create a more sustainable future together. 

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