Rome was not built in a day - Norden line at Dubai-factory now in production

With the opening of the new Unilever plant in the United Arab Emirates this is an additional Norden tube filling line that will run among the many Norden lines in activity at Unilever globally.
Starting from bare land and up to finishing of the project of the Dubai Personal Care Plant was 18 months. The inauguration took place in December 2016, and now the factory is in production.
“The project all-in-all took 547 days”, says project engineer Zain Zafar. “The crew was recruited in mid-2016, knowing that we would be finished by the end of the year that gave us a training period. By the time for the inauguration there were already a lot of hands-on training. We only recruited people with experience from the personal care-sector, without exception”, says Zain Zafar.
Among the factory workers the majority are in a range of 26 to 35 years old.
“About 40% of the office crew are women”, says Zain Zafar. The commissioning period is 6 months. At the present state the factory is in production 24-7. Three shifts are working 8 hours each. From the variation in products that are being produced; categories, sizes and recipes it adds up to a number of 250.

Norden and the Coesia Group in Middle East with new office    
Being the Project Engineer for Gulf Unilever Engineering, Zain Zafar had been in contact with Norden Machinery in previous projects as well. The service points are local, and in 2016 the organization in UAE was strengthened with a contact point in Dubai. The Norden Sales and Customer Service office in Dubai, will be an excellent asset to reach Unilevers ambition of the new plant, which is to turn the Made in UAE-label into a true mark of quality and global excellence.

Growth in Personal Care Sector
Owner of a portfolio of large and well-known brands, Unilever had seen a growth potential in the Middle East and North Africa-region. Unilever CEO Paul Polman and CEO of Dubai Wholesale City Abdulla Belhoul were participating at the official opening of the plant, which will be the largest of the MENA-region. The state-of-the-art technology used in the DPC means a modular design and flexible production lines that are adaptable to market demands.

One out of 400
The Norden line will have to fill large amount of tubes in the years to come. The line in DPC is the latest of 400 Norden lines that are delivered to Unilever.
“We are very proud to be on all Unilever challenges for tube filling systems” says Jörgen Johansson, working with Middle East sales at Norden.
“In this project special attention was given to highly automated production platform. Unilever has always been a fantastic technology push over decades and here again in this giant plant in Dubai” declares Johansson.
“The Norden tube filling machines are giving the best results of efficiency with in the industry. Fast response time, local technicians, training and support. We are there to deliver proficient service to Unilever but as well to all our existing and new customers” says Johansson.
Ida Sigvardsson, Marketing and Communications, Norden Machinery and Citus Kalix, Ph: +46 480 447 645
Jörgen Johansson, Sales Manager
South Asia, Australia, Arab Peninsula, Africa, Korea
Ph: +46 480 447 667, Mobile: +46 70 203 98 70 

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