Optimize your tube pre-forming operations using Norden’s lower pre-closing jaws kit.

Optimize your tube pre-forming process with Norden’s lower pre-closing jaws kit

Some tubes form asymmetrically, giving rise to a cavity, just below the sealing region. This anomaly can result in aesthetic imperfections on the tubes, detracting from their overall visual appeal and quality.  


Start using the lower pre-closing jaws kit to ensure that the production of tubes meets the requisite standards of aesthetic excellence! 

snap on tails

The kit includes: 
1 pair of lower pre-closing jaws
A set of snap–on tails


Snap-on tails are crucial in the pre-forming process. They provide a consistent and precise shape to the tubes during the pre-forming step. By ensuring uniformity in shape and dimensions, they contribute to the overall quality of the final product. 

When using the lower pre-closing jaws with snap-on tails in production you may alter the height and angle of the tails depending on the size and type of tube. Choose between several options depending on the characteristics of the tube. 


Installing and removing the kit takes only 5 minutes, making it an effortless process for operators. With an easy assembly, companies have everything set up and ready to go quickly. 

Our lower pre-closing jaws kit is available for machines with Hot Air sealing (sealing plastic tubes).

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