New tube-line for expanding subcontracted filler

Scandinavian Hair Company is a rising star in the beauty world. Despite this, however, not many people are aware of this company, which means it lives up to its motto: to work without being seen.

Based in Svedala, Sweden, Scandinavian Hair Company is fairly anonymous. To its customers – both large and small – it is a highly respected supplier but, from the outside, it is its customers’ brands that are meant to be seen. The company is, however, growing steadily with a good reputation that has been built up among its customers over the years. The company currently has 14 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 30 million. “Our biggest customers are both international and Swedish companies that market their products under their own brand name”, says Mathias Andersson, Section Director.

Organization and cleanliness are central to the production process. The production facility is GMP-validated and all products are manufactured with an e-label – an SP-certification that guarantees that the product actually contains the quantity stated on the packaging, within a certain level of tolerance. In the production process, there are six filling lines for different types of packaging, products and volumes.

 The latest investment is new tube filler from Norden Machinery, the Nordenmatic 702. This is versatile and compact tube filler with a capacity of 80 tubes per minute. “We made this investment partly because we had seen an increase in demand for tubes, but also to enable us to hot-fill tubes, which we could not do with our old machine. We contacted various different manufacturers but Norden Machinery provided us with a very good needs-analysis. The Rolls-Royce of tube-filling.

Compared with the old machine, the format settings are much simpler and everything is easily accessible. For all tubes, customized formatting kits for the machine are supplied. “It is incredibly well-thought through and easy to operate. The support from Norden has also been really good. It was the same engineers that actually built the machine that came here and installed it and trained our staff. Nobody was allowed to leave until they were certain that everybody had really understood the machine. We are incredibly satisfied. ”The machine wasn’t the cheapest one on the market. Norden Machinery is a bit like the Rolls-Royce of tube-filling, but the investment has paid for itself many times over – both in terms of the convenience for our staff and the increased flow of the production process”, concludes Mathias Andersson, Section Director.

To read the full article from the Swedish magazine Packmarknaden, please click here.
Text & Photography by Marcus Petersson; photography: Sense of Karma/Scandinavian Hair Company

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