INTERPACK 2017: Norden Citus Kalix presenting innovations and new offers to the market

Norden Automation IoT offering reduced complexity and increased knowledge

INTERPACK 2017: Norden is presenting new solutions to minimize down time and reduce complexity in the production process. The concept of Nordens digitalization strategy, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0 initiatives, was briefed to a number of customers via the IoT-app.
"We have utilized our long experience in automation and tube filling-lines. The results presented at Interpack 2017 are the Norden IoT-app and Norden Augmented Reality, which are two tools that will bring our customers greater efficiency in the production process", says Lars Hammarstedt, Sales Director of Norden and Citus Kalix.

"We took this opportunity to show what we have developed by bringing the concept to Interpack in Düsseldorf", says Hammarstedt.

The IoT-solution harvests key values and production data, like OEE, from the Norden machine or line. The values are presented in a user friendly manner in an app on a tablet or a PC. Other key features are assisted fault finding, trends of key values, assisted changeover and lost tree alarm analysis. This system will give customers a quick and easy overview how machines and lines are performing without the need of physical access to the actual machine itself. Several machines or lines can be monitored at once regardless of geographical location. 


Access Key values while building knowledge base
Via the IoT-app that the Automation team has presented to a number of customers at Interpack, you can monitor machine line efficiency in a quick and easy to use manner via few clicks and instructive graphics and graphs. Norden has developed this tool with the goal to give you a quick access to key machine values and the ability to detect problems before they lead to downtime and loss of production. Customers will also be able to build a knowledge-base by using comments and videos within the app, with tips and tricks for specific alarms or changeover steps. This in turn can be shared between users from the same company. This collective knowledge will make your team more efficient whether the issue is related to changeover or remedy of a problem. If you experience a need for reducing complexity and increasing knowledge, this is the way.  

Strong representation from our markets 

As Interpack is closed for 2017, Norden and Citus Kalix are looking back at a sucessful event with guests and participants from many strong markets all over the world. Norden and Citus Kalix was part of a great team of multicultural, border-breaking and excellent team. 
Thank you for sharing this event with us!

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