Norden's quality department systematically work with quality assurance of products and services

How we approach Quality

Nordens vision and business focus is to be the customer’s most innovative tube filling partner – delivering beyond expectations. One of our main competitive means is a solid quality, which is required for us to deliver reliable machines and maintain long-term relationships with the customer.  The right quality is not just about technical requirements for parts and functions of the machines. It permeates our entire offer to the customer. This is reflected, for example, in the customer satisfaction survey that Coesia regularly conducts. Customers' judgment about Norden continues to be high, among the highest within the group, something we are incredibly proud of.

The Quality department at Norden is a part of this work. Our role is to systematically work with quality assurance of products and services, work on continues improvements and support the organization on quality-related issues. 

Measuring molded plastics with laser scanning
Image: A molded plastic part. The laser scanning equipment is generating a cloud of reference points. A model  is generated, and  compared to the CAD-model. The green reflects the desired amount of materials.

Suppliers who supply parts to Norden have an important task in ensuring that the delivered components meet applicable requirements.  In order to verify, measure and support the organization on issues related to parts and components, we have a well-equipped measuring room and dedicated measuring engineers.  
Technological development is fast moving forward and demands on our ability to measure and analyze increase. We regularly invest in measuring equipment and software in order to continue to be a solid support to suppliers and the organization. 
For example, we have access to a laser scanning equipment that enables time efficient and accurate free form measurement.  For example, measuring molded plastic parts can be challenging as there is usually no straight lines to reference the measurement against. But the laser scanner generates a point-cloud, which can then be compared to a CAD model for identifying deviations.  The equipment is movable and can be used in place in the assembly, a very helpful tool to solve problems.

Learning organization and handling of deviations
For a successful improvement work, it’s important to learn from the discrepancies detected.  Every machine that leaves our factory has been thoroughly checked during functional tests and format runs. Finally, they are all inspected both mechanically and electrically. In this way, we detect potential defects before the machine is delivered. This means that we have the possibility to both correct the deviations before delivery and also to return the information to the organization. 
When deviations are detected in the field, field technicians solve the problem and then report back to the organization, for investigation and implementation of preventive measures.  
Every week we conduct cross functional reviews of open cases. The forum ensures that matters are analyzed and resolved in both short and long term. By gathering representatives from Quality, Design, Purchasing,  Assembly and After market, everybody gets the same information and the cases are effectively taken care of.
The quality department's task is to support the organization in a systematic way.  But in the end, it is the work effort and commitment of all employees that affects our solid quality and great customer satisfaction.

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