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Control System upgrades breathe new life into your machines

  • There are several reasons to upgrade your control system. The first is that you want to avoid down-time in production. Secondly the components of the electrical system get outdated, and is not possible to purchase. On the advantages; now you can control the entire line from one HMI, targeting that all options should be controlled via the Norden HMI.
  • With fourteen production lines running at Church & Dwights’ New Jersey plant, and around 450 employees working three shifts, this site is producing seven days a week. The product portfolio consists of cleaning products, toothpaste and pain relief gels.  
  • Tube filling machines down costs money. Church & Dwight Products jumped on the control system upgrade – it was well worth the investment, according to Church and Dwight.
  •  When there have been challenges with the machines, Norden’s response has been very helpful; "A very good manufacturer to work with".

Church & Dwight Products, based in New Jersey in the US, is market leader for a broad range of consumer and specialty products.  Founded in 1846, the company manufacturs everything from cleaning products and deodorant to toothpaste and oragel for the global market. There are fourteen production lines at Church & Dwights’ New Jersey plant, with around 450 employees working three shifts, seven days a week.  

“Tube filling is about 40% of our business – we run three Orajel tube filling lines, three dental tube filling lines, and two Nair lines,” says Timpone. “Prior to the upgrade we had a lot of problems with the control system because it was so old. We were doing maintenance almost every week and it was getting to the point where we couldn’t even service it or get different components. This meant more and more downtime, which obviously wasn’t good for business. So, after speaking with the Norden, we decided to bite the bullet and upgrade the control system.”

Reference: Christer Bäck / sales@nordenmachinery.se / +46 480 44 77 00

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