Norden filling machines for pharma applications

Aleor moving from Exhibit Batches to Continuous Production with Norden

Image of customer visiting NordenINDIA:

“Aleor is focusing on the manufacturing of generic dermatology products to the US market” explains Senior General Manager of Operations Jinaraja Poojary, during a visit to Norden HQ in Kalmar. Norden’s filling line is the first equipment to be placed in the new 33000 m2 factory. 

In his role as Sr. General Manager of Operations he is working with a team of some 300+ people devoted to Production and Quality. Mr. Poojary’s long relationship with Norden tube filling and packaging lines goes back 12 years, and the tube concept is ideal for the product line.

With over 20 years in the industry, the rigorous demands in pharmaceutical manufacturing are something of his expertizes:
 “We start with Project, followed by exhibit batches” he explains. 
“High quality, consistent production, The easiness of cleaning, meaning no residues left from one product batch to another, potentially causing contamination, is one of our greatest challenges to observe” says Jinaraja Poojary. 

Aleor is joint venture between 112 year old Indian pharmaceutical company Alembic and Orbicular pharmaceutical technologies pvt ltd & founded in 2016. The following year a 
33 000 m2 factory saw the light of day. 

“We're recently approved by USFDA, which allows us to access the world largest market for pharmaceuticals” says Jinaraja Poojary. 

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