Norden launching a new cartoning machine designed for pharma requirements

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Norden Machinery’s new packaging solution, the NC300, is an optimized and flexible machine in the new cartoAnna Lindberg, Swedish spring board diver, presents Norde Cartoner NC 300ning series from Norden. And like all Norden machinery, it has been developed to meet the demands of both customers and industry standards.

The major driver for developing the new and improved machine has been to meet pharma’s rigorous demands when it comes to excess, line clearance, GMP standards, and other stringent regulations and requirements, such as leaflets.

NC 300 meeting Pharma-requirements

Designed to meet tough pharmaceutical standards, the NC 300 has raised specifications, making it more ergonomic and efficient, which means the new design reflects the flexibility, easy upgrade, and outstanding modularity that has long been found in Norden’s tube filling machines.  And it can handle up to 300 cartons per minute.

“At Norden we’ve long been known for having excellent tube fillers and we realised it was time we put ourselves in a better position when it comes to cartoning machines. And this one really does take it to the next level, particularly when it comes to the requirements of pharma"  says Hans Söderström, Technical Director at Norden Machinery.

The flexibility of the NC 300 makes changeovers faster and easier, the machine can be easily adapted to different types of cartons and the operator can access the machine with much more ease, no matter what the setup of your line.

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