China Beauty Expo 2019 Norden
Shanghai, Pudong New District - N3C16

China Beauty Expo, Norden and Citus Kalix

Banner NordenCitus Kalix at China Beuty Expo




Nordenmatic Local NML 150
NML 150 is a locally produced machine for filling requirements up to 150 tpm.





Event highlights!

Seminar during China Beauty Expo

China Beauty Expo Seminar
Norden Citus Kalix

Date: 21st May 2019
Time: 13:30-16:30

Presenting Norden Cosmetics-machine program

Moving the tube business toward automation and upgrading to Industry 4.0 solutions

Norden tube filling portfolio ranges from speeds of 25-1000 tubes per minute. A reliable tube filling partner in the volatile cosmetics business should be able to offer variety and flexibility. This is exactly where our focus has been for the last 85 years,

In addition to speed and automatization Norden is offering innovative tube solutions such as tube-in-tube, multi color filling and swirl-filling. Norden is providing complete filling and packaging lines that is ready for the store shelf.

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