Tube filling

Norden machines on display at Pack Expo 2023

Here you will find more information about the machines from Norden on display in the Coesia booth at Pack Expo 2023.

Norden is the world leading supplier of state of the art tube filling equipment.

The innovative leader in the tube filling industry, pushing the envelope for over 85 years.

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Norden NM 902 Tube filler

Master of adaptability: the tube filler for a sustainable future This reliable machine is suitable for highly efficient filling and sealing of tubes in a wide range of materials (plastic, metal, laminates or mono-materials), with diameters of 10-50 mm. It handles up to 100 tubes per minute as standard. All main operations on the NM 902 are precisely controlled by servo driven motors, giving you better abilites to fine tune production and changeover. This single head tube filler also enables swirl filling or 3-color filling.  With clean and covered design, the NM902 is suitable for clean room production.


• High efficiency and reliability
• Green materials-ready
• Flexibility - able to run various tube sizes, materials and sealing methods

NTP 80 - Tray and box packer

From boxes to trays in 5 minutes max: a flexibility champion Working up to 80 ppm, the NTP 80 can be connected to any tube filling machine with no hardware integration for up and down stream equipment. It is unique in its software capabilities, allowing a switch from shipping boxes to shelf-ready trays in a maximum of 5 minutes - thanks to very few format change parts. A variety of packing patterns, such as tubes standing up/laying down, are feasible. Competitive in price and compact in footprint, no previous robot handling expertise is required to operate it.

• Enhanced flexibility - capability to handle trays and boxes
• Operator friendly with fast changeover (max 5 minutes)
• Compact footprint, capable of being integrated with any tube filling equipment