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Success Stories Norden-ORIFLAME

"Flexibility is where the battle is won or lost in cosmetics"

"Flexibility is where the battle is won or lost in cosmetics. We’ve had the good fortune to win most of our battles and become an international market leader with a huge range of top quality products. Our success demands not only dedication to product development, but also finding smart production solutions that can keep up with such a hugely diverse range."

"Norden’s flexible machines and quick support demonstrate an invaluable understanding of what really counts when it comes to creating a profitable production line. We’ve setup Norden lines in five different countries because they understand what it takes to keep the line running."

Paddy Sheridan, Engineering Director, ORIFLAME COSMETICS

Oriflame offers a wide range of high-quality beauty products. They are present in more than 60 countries and the market leader in over half of them.

Sucess stories from Norden-NATURA

"We did nine months of analysis before buying our fist Norden line. We bought our last one in two hours."

Today, we produce over 100 products and are focusing more than ever on international expansion. Maintaining flawless quality and consistency is a must when it comes to international regulations and our own unwavering standards. Given that our products range from water-thin to the thickest paste, that’s a big tube filling challenge. That’s why we spent nine months analysing machines to find the ideal solution.
When it recently came time to add a new line, we decided on Norden within two hours. It was our fifth line in six years, so it had almost become routine. For consistent quality and the flexibility to handle any product, Norden can’t be beat.

Mehul Shah, Managing Director, ENCUBE ETHICALS

Encube Ethicals is India’s largest contract manufacturer of topical products for the pharma industry.

Sucess stories from Norden-NATURA

"A ten year view of the investment"

To do things the right way and still be competitive, we need efficient performance we can depend on. Norden has become our go-to supplier for high speed tube filling lines because we know they deliver the right quality, at the right speed, every time. Even throwing 100 different products at it of widely varying diameters and all types of consistencies in both plastic and aluminum tubes, we always know what the end results will be.

We choose a machine based not just on immediate results, but a ten year view of the investment. Our calculations include performance efficiency over the long term, the impact of changeover times, the value and performance of format parts and how much maintenance is demanded. Norden ticks the right boxes to make it a smart investment over the long haul.

Claudio Abreu, Engineering Director, NATURA

From the day Natura Company was founded 43 years ago, they have been committed to making premium cosmetics with as little environmental impact as possible. Today, they are an industry leader with hundreds of products on the market – all while being completely carbon neutral.