Driver of the Oval-Racetrack and Multi-Color Concept

Toothpaste Applications

Norden is offering high speed toothpaste filling

Driver of the Oval-Racetrack and Multi-Color Concept

A classic Norden innovation for our superior tube fillers is the oval racetrack that facilitates good machine access and smooth integration of new equipment. Norden is also the main market driver in developing the Multi-Colour concept that many toothpaste companies use to strengthen their brand awareness. 


The toothpaste industry requires the accurate filling and high reliability that Norden provides with tube filling and cartooning machines. 
Norden has extensive experience and application know-how in choosing the right equipment and materials for assuring the long-term and safe production of abrasive products like toothpaste. 
Design options such as Design-A-Seal®, Scoop Seal® and corner trimming enable eye-catching designs and they can handle high-viscosity products like toothpaste.