Norden filling machine for thoothpaste


Filling machines for toothpaste

Norden is the driver of the highly efficient and reliable filling machines that toothpaste manufacturers require. A classic Norden innovation is the oval racetrack that facilitates good machine access and smooth integration of new equipment. Another Norden innovation is the multi-color concept that allows toothpaste to be squeezed out of the tubes in colored stripes.  

Benefits of Norden Filler Series

Not only can you nearly double production in roughly the same space, you can fill tubes with diameters from 16–40 mm and lengths from 80–230 mm. You can also choose between a wide range of filling techniques including 1, 2 and 3 colour filling. The equipment itself is largely the same as what machine operators are familiar with today, so they don’t need to learn a whole new system. Norden may have re-imagined high speed tube filling, but did not reinvent the wheel. Contact us to learn more.

  • Improved change over time
  • High volume outputs
  • Use the machine for mutiple products
  • Save floorspace

Stronger teeth require stronger filling machines

When premium toothpastes – referring to the non-aqua toothpaste – first came onto the market less than a decade ago, toothpaste manufacturers quickly realized that their existing machines were not designed to handle this new product.
Unlike the toothpastes many of us grew up using, this premium toothpaste doesn’t contain any water. Non-aqua toothpastes are built up in a different way and have a consistency that is thicker, more viscous, and more condensed. This, in turn, makes them very different from ‘regular toothpaste’ when it comes to pumping via the filling machine. When brushing your own teeth you might not notice that difference  – but when it comes to filling tubes with this premium toothpaste the difference is clear. Norden realized that the product was creating a lot more pressure inside the pump compared to traditional toothpaste. The existig machines were optimized to cope with this, alleviating the risk of running the machine with too high pressure, reducing the risk of creating unwanted wear and tear on the machine.

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Norden filling machines for toothpaste