Norden for pharma

Pharma filling machines

Precise tube filling, precise tube sealing in controlled environments.

Filling machines for pharma products

Here's why you should turn to Norden for pharma filling machines


Audit trail and CFR21-part 11

For pharma filling lines many URS's demand the set up of an Audit Trail or CFR21-part 11. This enables registration of all events, creating a chronological log of all transactions surrounding the machine and production batches.

GAMP5 compliant

All Norden developed software is compliant with GAMP5. We are following GMP standards, and place great emphasis on the product safety and wellness of our customers customer. Norden has delivered machines with FDA-approvals, and the expertise in 85+ years in the industry.

Line Solutions for Pharma

- Line solutions for feeding sterile boxes from packaging room

- Box magazine for one hour production

- Automatic lid removing in separated class A area

- Robot tube infeed

- Release of final plastic bag

- Robot tool designed for laminar flow

- Detection of foreign particles

- Clean in Place / Sterile in Place-pump


Norden is offering customized pharma machines

Customized Pharmaceutical Solutions

Norden is meeting all special demands required by pharmaceutical industry. This has been very important in our development work. As a result we can now provide sophisticated technical solutions to suit multi-national pharmaceutical brands.


Following environment requirements from clean room Grade D up to sterile room Grade A, which is equivalent to United States Class 100 standards.