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Food in Tubes: The Perfect Solution For Any Situation

When we think about food in tubes we probably think about concentrated tomato paste or maybe mayonnaise and other condiments, but the ‘tube food’ culture found in much of Scandinavia, where even cheese and cod roe is packaged in tubes, shows that the possibilities are endless: As long as the product is ‘squeezable’ – semi-soft and not too liquid – it is pretty much perfect for tube packaging.


One of the biggest benefits of food in tubes is hygiene. When you open a glass jar you are immediately introducing contaminants and oxygen, which, in turn, immediately begins to shorten the lifespan of the product. When food is packaged in tubes outside contaminants are eliminated, and the lifespan of the product is lengthened considerably. You also don’t get contamination from other products, such as you do when spreading jam on an already buttered slice of toast.