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Get more out of your food production

Norden is familiar with the strict hygiene and flexibility demands for installations in clean rooms of different classifications within the food production industry. Integration of optional laminar flow, code-reading, laser coding and vision systems is possible with most of our models. Each tube filling system is mainly built using standardized modules and then customized to your exact requirements. The systems offer unmatched production flexibility and are designed for rapid and tight integration with end-of-line systems.

Dedicated systems
Our decades of expertise allow us to design and build tube-filling systems with features, benefits and innovations dedicated to particular market segments. We complement the food industry by enabling our tube filling systems with robotic infeed, pick-and place product transfer, inline checkweighing scales, tube sealing and labeling, tray packing and tube cartooning to achieve the most efficient, functional and top-of-the-line process that allows our clients to be more competitive.

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