Norden innovation


We invest in R&D. We are on a constant and systematic quest to improve
components, machines, and scalability. This work also includes enhancing
the operator experience, making changeovers fast, ergonomic loading,
easy quality inspection and simplicity in maintenance.

NC 300 Cartoner released

Designed to meet tough pharmaceutical standards, the new Norden cartoner NC 300 has raised specifications, making it more ergonomic and efficient, which means the new design reflects the flexibility, easy upgrade, and outstanding modularity that has long been found in Norden’s tube filling machines. And it can handle up to 300 cartons per minute.

The brand new state of the art cartoner NC300 from Norden is an cartoner specially developed to meet the needs of our customers, with special focus on flexibility, ergonomics and change overs both in terms of time and repeatability. The NC300 meets todays and future requirements for pharmaceutical production but is also designed for both cosmetic and toothpaste as well.

Norden On Call - Remote Assistance with AR Technology

Norden On-Call is our latest service for assisting you in trouble shooting, with the help of augmented reality technology. Developed together with XM Reality, Norden On CallNorden is about saving time and money, at the end for all involved. What's in it for you? Faster assistance and more precise trouble shooting with hands-free video and audio via AR-support.