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NORDEN originates from Arenco, which in turn evolved from a local machinery manufacturer, which was founded 1877 in Kalmar, Sweden.


For over 70 years we have focused exclusively on advancing tube filling systems and have introduced many innovations along the way.


NORDEN company was founded.


The Hot Air sealing method was introduced. The method uses hot air to heat the inside of the tube. This system provides precise control of the sealing temperature and protects the decoration of the tube.


This year Norden started the development of  3-colour filling technique in higher speeds.


Design-A-Seal® was introduced to the market and opened numerous possibilities to draw attention  to the tube. The Design-A-Seal® enables the end of the tube to be decoratively shaped, so that the decoration can become part of the weld.


Robot Feeder a flexible feeding system which picks the tubes direct from the tube box and places them directly into the tube holders.


Became part of the Coesia Group in Italy


InHouse manufacturing of advanced mechanical tools and size parts.


Tube Filling and Cartoning line with a speed of 1000 pcs/minute