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Get more out of your toothpaste production

Norden has extensive experience and application know-how in choosing the right equipment and materials for assuring the long-term and safe production of abrasive products like toothpaste. We are also the main market driver in developing the multicolour-filling concept that many toothpaste companies desire currently. Our different tube sealing options like Design-A-Seal®, Scoop Seal® and corner trimming enable eye-catching designs and they can handle high-viscosity products like toothpaste.

High-performance systems
A classic Norden innovation for our superior tube fillers is the oval racetrack that facilitates good machine access and smooth integration of new equipment. The toothpaste industry requires the accurate filling and high reliability that Norden provides by using the sam
e field-proven technical solutions in all of our machines models to ensure accurate tube print orientation, filling and sealing. 
Up to four different colours of a required product can be filled to provide an excellent range of patterns. Co-extrusion, such as deep stripe and concentric filling or filling in separate compartments like tube-in-tube, dual tube or side-by-side are typical possibilities. To ensure the best results, you can test your products and tubes at our Technical Centre.