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Get more out of your pharmaceuticals production
Our focus is on the standard of hygiene demanded by the pharmaceutical industry.

Rigorous pharma requirements
It is confirmed that Norden is well suited for pharma installations. Having passed audits carried out on our filling lines by several of the major multinational pharmaceutical companies. Thus, we place special emphasis on laminar airflow around our systems. Naturally, this means that we can supply completely automated filling lines for installation in clean rooms of different classifications regarding airborne particulate matter.

Track and trace
Track-and-trace solutions for pharmaceutical production are vital in a world that is affected by problems such as contamination, counterfeiting, diversion and incorrect administration of prescription medicines. In addition, the rapid identification and tracing of suspect products is crucial in maximizing the efficiency of any product recalls while limiting their damage. Norden provides an effective track-and-trace system based on bar coding and software programs to ensure the rapid identity and tracing of such products.

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