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Successful launch of brand new cartoning machine from Norden

Achema Frankfurt, June 11-15, 2018

In mid-June it was time for the Achema Pharmaceutical packaging show. The display from Coesia was an exhibit with four sister companies providing innovative packaging solutions: from Swiss Hapa, to Italian GF and Swedish companies Norden Machinery and Flexlink.

Norden built the first tube filling machine in 1934 and is a renowned expert from low-speed, high speed and up to ultra high speed applications in tube filling systems. Norden is providing constant innovation and enhanced systems, with the goal to be an innovative partner and supplier.

News during Achema
Achema marks the world premiere of Norden NC 300 cartoning machine, labelled as the new champion of Flexibility, Efficiency and Simplicity.

NC 300 is the best choice for cartons around your tubes in speeds up to 300 pc per minute. Norden developed the machine NC 300 after request from customers for further flexibility in types of carton and carton sizes that can be handled in one machine.
Efficiency is a key word for Norden. Thirdly, with NC 300, special measures has been taken to ensure that the systems is ergonomic for the operator.

Thank you for coming by to meet and greet at Hall 3.1 E 71 with Norden, Hapas, Flexlink, GF- COESIA - during Achema. The launch of NC 300 continues during 2018, and the machine will be shown at Chicago Pack Expo October 14-17 2018.  

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