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Pack Expo is no. 1 for Norden in America

Daniele Rinderer, Norden/Citus Kalix, USA is looking forward to the Pack Expo in Las Vegas
Throw a rock from the Pack Expo in Las Vegas, and you will find Norden tube filling systems, working in applications for a range of industries. 

In preparation of the Las Vegas Pack Expo we had a chat with Daniele Rinderer, Site Manager of the Norden site in New Jersey, USA.

Daniele, what does the US-team expect from this event? 

“The Las Vegas show is a very important show for us in the USA. Norden-Citus Kalix have a large customer base in the West Coast and the location of the show is very cost efficient for these customers, of whom many are contract packers. We expect to meet with customers and take the cooperation to another level by letting them know that they are a part of our family. In past years we have been very successful during this show." 
"When we meet with our customers during this particular show, we talk about new machines of course, however we also touch upon many different upgrades that can assist these contract packers in meeting their customer demands. We also talk about putting together plans for their next year budgets concerning obsolete items that are considered a capital expenditure. The feedback on the work we are doing is positive. I mostly get a lot of thank you’ s about how Norden goes above and beyond" says Daniele Rinderer. 

SWIRL it with NM702-HA
Norden SWIRL filling live demo at the Packexpo in Las Vegas.
The market is showing a trend for sustainable and innovative packaging with shelf-ready solutions. In Vegas Norden will show an NM702-HA, equipped with both SWIRL-filling and Design a Seal®. These types of filling and sealing was developed after customer requests. Here the focus is functionality, with a shape and look that sparks curiosity.
At the medium speed segment 80 pcs per minute, the machine series NM702-HA is an ongoing success. The reason for that is the extremely good results on customers sites. In production, the consistency of the machine and the life cycle economy are key. The NM702 machine is in production across all segments of tube filling and is a truly flexible machine. Norden equips the machine for the purpose it serves. Nothing more, and nothing less. 

Customer Care with Norden
Together with Norden Tube Filling comes service and upgrade offers. These are represented at the Las Vegas Pack Expo. Mark your calendar for September 25-27 In Las Vegas; place your new project inquiries, request spare parts, voice a complaint or a need for technical documentation. 

Citus Kalix first class offerings completing the machine portfolio

The French sister company Citus Kalix is specialized in applications for the health and beauty industry. Much so like Norden having a strong presence in the United States. The Citus Kalix portfolio has not only tube filling and cartoning with vertical and horizontal insertion, but jar and mascara filling, and lipstick molding machines. On display for Citus Kalix together with Norden this September, is a CRLA20 Lipstick molding machine, and the 60 parts per minute intermittent cartoner KP600.

Norden-Citus Kalix extend a warm invitation to the booth in Central Hall D3800.