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Norden Swirl Filling into tubes is another innovation

Multi-colour filling and the ability to fill more than one product into the same tube has been available for many years. Now Norden has added a new “twist” to enhance this proven technology. Norden’s latest innovation Swirl Filling offers our customers even more possibilities to develop new, unique and exciting products.

Utilising specially designed filling nozzles and servo technology to rotate the tube during the filling operation it is possible to create truly amazing effects. With the possibility to fill two or three different products and using transparent tubes it is possible to develop several designs for a range of product.

The system is extremely flexible utilising servo motors to control the filling operation, tube lift at filling and the rotation of the tube. This means that the filling profile can be optimized to suit the product giving exact control to allow superb visual effects to be produced and the highest possible output in production.

Existing Norden tube fillers can also be upgraded with this technique.

Norden Swirl Filling can be used for any multi-colour or multi product co-extruded cosmetic, toothpaste or food product. Change your stripes into a Swirl!

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