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Norden In-Line Leak Testing

Norden in-line leak testing 
As anyone knows, being able to give 100 percent in almost anything is a difficult proposition. It does not matter whether it is on the athletic field, giving the weather report, predicting the due date of a child or providing information on stock performance, absolute precision is hard to guarantee. But Norden Machinery AB, world leader in tube filling and packing systems, has developed a solution for tube leaking which offers customers a 100-percent  inspection.

The hydrogen testing solution involves using an instrument which can detect leaks in plastic and laminate tubes in-line at very high speeds so no time is lost during production cycles.
“Our hydrogen in-line detector is certainly not the only approach to discovering a leak when filling tubes, but we have customers in a few countries where regulations and national standards demand a 100-percent result such as Japan or Korea, and our device can help them meet that high bar,” states Hans Söderström, Technical Director at Norden. With its unique hydrogen sensor technology, the instrument has been developed in cooperation with a leading supplier of hydrogen leak testing solutions, Inficon AB.

Plastic and laminate tubes are sealed utilising either hot air, high frequency or ultrasonic tube sealing system. The device is designed to test the tubes during production directly after they have been sealed. A pre-defined quantity of tracer gas is filled on top of the filling product prior to sealing the tubes. The tube is then sealed and cooled. Next slight pressure is applied to the sides of the tube when the seal is positioned in the proximity of the hydrogen-sensing equipment. Any escaping tracer gas will be picked up by the hydrogen sensor. A pre-set threshold value, determined through testing and by a customer’s needs, is compared to the concentration of any tracer gas present in the sensor. If the value is higher than the threshold, the tube will be automatically rejected from the machine.

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